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Embody your sensuality and feminine power 

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Most yoga forms were originally developed for men

Sensual Yoga is an innovative form of bodywork especially for women focused on feeling rather than doing. The exercises help you to sink into your body and pelvis and discover the enormous wealth and wisdom that resides within you.

Rose Severins

Deep connection with yourself

For a long time, I lived mostly from my head. I could not enjoy sexuality and had a distorted and negative body image. In the past 10 years a lot has been transformed. I have found what I was looking for (connection and trust) in my body. My body is now my home, shows me the way and lets me know unerringly when I deviate from my own truth.

To me, sensuality is our natural state of being that is for everyone.

I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, Mara (2016) and Elisa (2017) and developed Sensual Yoga from the desire to embody feminine energy. Since 2015, I have been guiding women on the path inward with this profound and transformative practice. I see it as my mission to bring back the sacredness around womanhood, motherhood, sexuality and relationships.

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Home to your pelvis

Activate the life energy in your pelvis and connect with your wisdom, deep knowing and authentic power.

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Breastlove ~ Selflove

Connect to the compassion, gentleness and love in your heart through the portal of your breasts.

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Embody your feminine power

A profound and transformative journey in embodying your sensuality and feminine power.

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Dive into the transformative journey of Sensual Yoga Facilitator! Embrace this powerful path and inspire others around the world with the beauty and depth of Sensual Yoga.

Thank you Roos for your wonderful exercises! It helps me tremendously to finally land in my pelvis and thus really feel my own self, dare to be and show myself. Thank you again!

I feel a deep emotion within me for the softness and firmness I was able to feel.

For years I have been trying to connect with my pelvic area. During the first class I immediately felt so much connection with my pelvis. Now I also feel very clearly the connection with my yoni and so much life energy flowing.

Oh, how glad I am that your course came my way. Everything is accelerating now and finally I can smoothly free myself from all the old imprints about sexual energy and live a life that flows.

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This mini-course helps you to be gentle and loving with yourself and your body. How would it be if your body was a place of rest and at the same time a source of pleasure and vibrant life energy. It really can be!

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